Eagles: A Boldin Opportunity

Will the Eagles make a play for Cardinals wide receiver Anquan Boldin? (File photo)

It's going to be an exciting day here at Post Patterns. There will be quesadillas and chicken fingers served later, so make sure to stop back often.

As soon as we have a staff meeting at NovaCare, the entire PP infrastructure will begin blogging the draft this afternoon. Mostly this will entail making fun of Mel Kiper and the Detroit Lions, but there will also be the always entertaining what-nonsense-is-being-said-in-the-press-room? You won't want to miss that.

Here's a final plea for the Eagles to make a trade to acquire Cardinals' receiver Anquan Boldin. If the latest rumors are to be believed -- and, remember, some of these are Sal-related -- the Cards are having a fire sale now, dropping the top end of the trade requirement from a first-round pick to a second-round pick.

"We just want to make a trade that does us justice," the Arizona GM might have said.

And the Eagles might have replied, "You want Justice? Have we got a deal for you."

The sticking point about getting Boldin, in all likelihood, is not the draft picks or players it would require to land him, but the $10 million per season he wants in salary upon being acquired. That's what would give teams pause, particularly ones like the Eagles who have already shelled out big bucks this offseason.

Well, what of it? They've got it, and making the deal for Boldin should be a no-brainer. Even if the price is still a first-rounder-plus, I would grab this opportunity.

Let's do a what-if. What if the Cards would trade Boldin for a second-round pick, a fourth-round pick and the right to swap this year's 31st pick for the 21st pick held by the Eagles? Would you do that? I think the Eagles would. The Birds would get the high-octane receiver they need and they would also get a decent player in the draft (and one they wouldn't have to pay as much).

OK, that's it. Final Plea. Next up on the clock: Quesadillas.