Drew Rosenhaus is a Twit(terer)

Just when I was going to give Twitter a real chance, I came across the site for agent Drew Rosenhaus, who -- or someone in his employ -- is Tweeting almost non-stop about his deep pool of NFL clients. (www.twitter.com/rosenhaussports)

It is sort of a fascinating read in an ADD kind of way. Rosenhaus gives the same weight to the breathless news he disseminates about the lowliest of clients as that of the loftiest.


"Free agent QB Rex Grossman has been training hard on a daily basis and is looking forward to signing with a team in time for OTA's."

I just bet he is.

Rosenhaus restated last week that he expects the Cardinals to trade receiver Anquan Boldin before training camp, if you are still holding out hope to get him with the Eagles. Boldin showed up for the mandatory Arizona mini-camp, but claimed a hamstring injury and didn't take part in any of the workouts. Arizona coach Ken Whisenhunt compared the ailment to a "seasonal allergy."

Rosenhaus sent out attaguys to an Eagles' draft pick -- "Cornelius Ingram did very well in the Eagles mini-camp and we are confident that the health of his knee is not an issue going forward" -- and to former Eagles CB Lito Sheppard -- "Lito Sheppard is starting for the Jets and anticipates having a great season. He likes coach Ryan's style and scheme. He's healthy now, too."

Well, that's all nice. It might mean more if every now and then Rosenhaus threw in something like: "Lawrence Timmons is a disgrace. I can't believe I took him on as a client," or, "Justin Hartwig will NEVER get another contract." But that doesn't happen. Every day is a sunny one in Rosenhaus world and every client is a winner.

Using Twitter is a way to get out the messages about who wants to be traded, who deserves a new contract and who is outperforming all expectations. It cuts out the messy middle process of having the leaky vessal of the media carry that water.

Smart guy, that Rosenhaus, and usually a good choice by the players. The handling of Lito's situation here could have been better, but nobody's perfect. Overall, is Rosenhaus the best agent for NFL players? That update will be tweeted shortly, no doubt.