Cutler to Redskins?

That's the hot rumor/assumption/falsehood of the day in the continuing saga of whether the Denver Broncos will grant quarterback Jay Cutler's trade request.

Washington is allegedly trying to put together a three-team quarterback merry-go-round in which Cutler would end up in Washington, Matt Cassel in Denver and Jason Campbell in Kansas City.

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The 'Skins are denying they have any intention of dumping Campbell, which shows they were paying attention when the Broncos got themselves into this mess to begin with. New coach Josh McDaniels, formerly QB coach and offensive coordinator for the Patriots, actively tried to trade Cutler for Cassel last month, didn't succeed, then lied about it.

If the Broncos do trade Cutler, it would seem logical that a 32-year-old head coach would want a young quarterback around whom to build the offense for years to come. There is no indication that gettting a veteran like Donovan McNabb would interest Denver, except perhaps as a last resort, and absolutely no indication the Eagles are contemplating making a bid for Cutler.

Out in Denver, opinion is evenly divided. In one camp, as indicated by this column written by the fabulous Dave Krieger, are the folks who say good quarterbacks are hard to find, so hold onto this one. In the other camp, as voiced in this column by Mark Kiszla, are those who don't care so much for petulant, spoiled athletes.

There's a lot of that going around.