BWest Being Quiet

The two fellows most reponsible for keeping you informed about all things Eagles -- Bob Brookover of the Inquirer and Les Bowen of the Daily News -- traveled to Deland, Fla. last week to drop in on Tra Thomas' charity golf tournament and chat up a few of the guys.

That and it was $1.99 Breakfast Special Weekend at Bob Evans.

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Bob and Les, separately, talked to Tra about leaving the Eagles, talked to some of the other players who made the trip, including Jamal Jackson, Todd Herremans, Juqua Parker, Kevin Kolb and L.J. Smith, who might have been there just because it's close to Atlanta, where he's going to sign. Donovan McNabb didn't make it but he sent a text.

Everyone said pretty much the expected things. Thomas would have preferred staying with the Eagles, but that didn't work out -- due to lack of team interest, according to Thomas -- and so life will continue with the Jacksonville Jaguars.

When Brookie and Les tried to get a state-of-the-team address out of Brian Westbrook, however, or even a that's-too-bad about the departure of Brian Dawkins and Tra, Westbrook dodged the boys as if they were coming to tackle him.

Brookie kind of shrugged it off, and wrote a story, but Les took it hard, and he blogged lengthily about the difficult travel he had gone through, and the enormous output of energy required to chase around Westbrook for several days, while the running back kept changing his mind about whether he would talk, when he would talk and to whom he would talk. Les didn't say anything about the mints on the hotel pillow, but I've got a sneaking suspicion those weren't up to snuff, either.

As it turned out, BWest didn't have anything to say about the players who left the team, and really didn't have anything to say about the recent clean-out surgery done on his left knee.

Specifically, Westbrook also said he had nothing to say to the fans, and maybe that's his right. He has a sore tail about something, although it could be about Bob or Les, or Bob and Les, and Bob not Les or Les not Bob.

If you wan't the details, go find Les' blog. He'll appreciate the hits, but you'll have to wade through a lot of stuff about how tough it is to be a reporter before you get to it.

I don't know why Westbrook is in a bad mood. Could be any number of things. He's at the point of his career where it might be expected he would become something of a team leader, and be willing to speak for the locker room on issues like teammates who leave and that sort of matter. That apparently isn't the case yet, though. We'll keep waiting, especially Les.

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Huge surprise department: Looks like Leonard Weaver isn't coming to Philadelphia to don his cloak of fullback invisibility.