You had to like, or at least tolerate, the story about the Pittsburgh mayor with the unfortunate name, this week anyway, of Luke Ravenstahl.

I mean, really. Luke? What kind of a name is Luke?

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At the suggestion of a Pittsburgh radio station -- where mayors get all their good ideas -- he petitioned Cty Hall to change his name, temporarily one assumes, to Luke Steelerstahl until after the AFC championship game Sunday between the Ravens and Steelers.

While he was at it, he probably should have also gone for George or Lawrence or Michael, or something more mayoral, but the kid is 28 years old, so what can you expect?

Time's are tough all over, but apparently Pittsburgh furloughed whoever is supposed to be mayor and replaced him or her with this minimum-wage guy right out of school. He started as a temp, went to the mail room, and, boom, mayor. No health care and no 401K, but there's a limo and he scored tickets to the game.

It's always great when mayors and governors make bets with each other on the outcome of big sporting events. If the Eagles and Steelers make the Super Bowl, Gov. Rendell is going to bet himself that he can't stay off television for a full week.

Don't look for Steelerstahl to be making bets with Baltimore mayor Sheila Dixon. It's not a good week for Sheila to be making a lot of jokes. She's under indictment for various unpleasant things that happened when she was city council president, including allegedly stealing gift cards intended for underpriviledged families. Oh, come on. What were they going to do with them?

No word on whether Michael Nutter is making a wager with the city of Phoenix mayor, or the city of Glendale mayor (where the game is being played). Maybe if the Cardinals win, they get to host the Mummers Parade next year... but they have to pay for it, too.

Oh, since it's Politicians Day, that's John Kerry over there eating a cheesesteak, something I guarantee he hasn't done since the 2004 campaign. He asked for it with gruyere, I believe, and just a dab of remoulade. Made a bet that he could connect with the real folks. Didn't turn out so well.

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It's getting serious down in Dallas. The internal campaign to dump Terrell Owens is trying to get the attention of owner Jerry Jones, who likes to admit his mistakes about as much as he likes to miss his monthly Botox appointment.

Leads to the obvious question: If he's back out on the market, is there any set of circumstances in which you could imagine Act II in Philadelphia? I can't think of one.

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This isn't about football, so you can stop reading, if you like. The Inquirer is sponsoring a naming contest for the new Major League Soccer franchise that is scheduled to begin play in 2010.

The contest begins Monday. Bryan James, president of Sons of Ben, the local soccer supporters group, reports there are many good suggestions. He favors either Philadelphia City or Philadelphia Union, both of which echo traditional soccer club names. There is a prize for the winner. At least I assume there is. If not, it isn't much of a contest, is it?

 See the Inquirer for further details, beginning Monday. To learn more about the Sons of Ben, you can visit their Web site. Cool shirts.