In our quest to leave no analysis unanalyzed this week, the mystery of why the Cardinals were so awful against the Eagles on Thanksgiving night has been solved.

According to Arizona nose tackle Brian Robinson: "I remember I had turkey in my stomach, and it seemed like nobody felt like playing. We were sleepwalking out there."

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Simple as that, as told to the Arizona Republic in this article. Nothing tripped up the Cardinals except tryptophan.

Well, it's as good an explanation as any. But how to explain what the Cardinals have been able to do since, particularly in beating the Falcons and Panthers to get to the conference championship game Sunday against the Eagles?

 I watched the replay of the Cardinals-Panthers game on The NFL Network (no huddle time between plays, skip a meaningless series here and there -- it's like having a game on speed-dial) and came away with the sense that Arizona is nowhere near as good as it looked in that game.

Could be wrong and Larry Fitzgerald is certainly a scary weapon, but that game looked like a Carolina meltdown with Jake Delhomme holding the blowtorch.

Delhomme said after the game that he apologized to his teammates in the huddle during the fourth quarter! Bet that went over really well with the offensive linemen. Nothing you like hearing more from your quarterback than, "My bad," after six interceptions.

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Filip Bondy in the New York Daily News wonders if Philadelphia is the new Boston for New Yorkers. Now that the Phillies paddled the Mets and the Eagles eliminated the Giants, he thinks Philly is actually worth disliking. That's a status upgrade, folks.

Bondy rattles on for a while, but he does get around to quoting a brilliant Philadelphia sports columnist. And I'd just like to say now, to all my friends in New Jersey, I was absolutely taken out of context, I don't recall making those statements and I don't even think I had my phone with me when he called.