Adam Eaton Joke of the Day

Driving into Baltimore for the Preakness, the sports-talk radio station announcer delivered a perfect summation of the problem with Adam Eaton.

There are several other problems, of course, most of which have to do with Eaton's inability to retire major-league hitters -- something Phillies' fans are well aware of -- but radio guy Marc Unger really captured the issue.

Blog Image 434824 - FORD

He captured it on the heels of a 10-hit, 7-earned run outing for Eaton that boosted his already plump earned run average to 7.93 for the season.

"You know," Unger said, "this guy shouldn't have sideburns. I mean, who is he to have 'a look?' You've got to be able to pitch before you're allowed to have 'a look.'"


*     *     *

As for the Preakness, Jensen hasn't gotten here yet, so I don't have any actual, like, information, to pass along, but the weather is dank and overcast and racing began at 10:15 this morning.

Many hours before the actual race, I am most intrigued by the possibilities of a horse named Take The Points, which has never finished in the money in a Grade I stakes. When Jensen arrives, he will talk me out of this infatuation, but, just for the record, it's a horse that can be used. Does have a career win on a muddy track, by the way, and Pimlico might well be damp by the 12th race.

WEATHER UPDATE!!!! Sunshine @ 4:15. Track should be fast.