Brand Loyalty

I know this must be very disappointing, but my Donovan McNabb/Choker/Hero/Super Bowl/Last-Minute-Drive column has been reslotted for the Sunday paper and the Sunday editions of, to make room for the breaking news that Elton Brand might not be an effective player this season.

EB is, in fact, done for the season. A torn labrum in his right shoulder that was either ignored or undiagnosed when he hurt himself Dec. 17 has brought to an end the fabulous 2008-09 debut of the power forward who was going to transform the 76ers.

I have a few thoughts about this, and those will have to carry you over until Sunday (I know, I know, it's a long time) when the Donny Mac column will appear. Trust me, it wasn't that great a piece of news for me, either.

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