Amy Wright Glenn on Birth, Breath, and Death

Missing Grandma: Meditations on my mother's mental illness

Today, my mother-in-law arrives. My husband’s mother visits every four to five months. Her soft blouses predictably sport cheerful,... Read more

'Encountering the Edge: What People Told Me Before They Died'

In her new “career memoir,” rabbi and hospice chaplain Karen B. Kaplan shares vivid descriptions of her day-to-day experiences... Read more

Every mother counts: An interview with Christy Turlington Burns

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Known for her iconic image, Christy Turlington Burns does more than model an ideal of physical beauty. Following the birth of her first child... Read more

Ending Corporal Punishment: Why you should never spank a child

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Not long ago, laws protected the “rights of men” to use physical force to correct or punish their wives. A husband’s ability... Read more

A canary in the coal mine: the growing popularity of unassisted childbirth

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A very small percentage of American women intentionally choose to birth at home without the presence of a midwife, doctor, or nurse. According... Read more

On the eve of my son's second birthday

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Tomorrow you turn two. You are my little one, my constant companion, my sweet guy. Soon you will have journeyed twice around our glorious... Read more

Bodies for sale: sex, violence, and the need for a new narrative

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Jeannette “That will be $37.00,” the woman behind the counter tells me. I pay in cash and place my ticket in the back pocket... Read more

Reciprocity and kindness

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During a cross-country road trip, my husband and I stop at Subway for a much needed break. We are both hungry and anxious to get some lunch... Read more