Big Tent Archive: November, 2012

In Pa. today, Obama to urge immediate extension of middle-class tax cuts

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President Obama will argue Friday that immediate renewal of lower Bush-era tax rates for the middle-class could prevent a “hit to consumer... Read more

More GOP lawmakers say 'It's Over, Grover.'

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It may be a trial balloon, or it may be a real movement, but a growing number of Republican lawmakers are now saying they are willing to junk... Read more

Santorum: Turn Black Friday Red White and Blue

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Rick Santorum is asking Americans to turn Black Friday into Red-White-and-Blue Friday. How? By participating in the Made in the USA Christmas... Read more

Nearly 1m ads on jobs, outsourcing, trade in 2012 pres race

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Whether shot in shades of gray through padlocked gates or from a bustling manufacturing floor, the American factory was the star of the show... Read more
Mitt Romney was in Wisconsin on Friday at a campaign event in West Allis. It's one of the states that went Democratic in the 2008 election and that Romney is hoping to turn. (David Goldman / Associated Press)

Going to Sunday Romney rally in Bucks Co.

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As I wrote in today's Inquirer, Republican nominee Mitt Romney is coming to Bucks County for a big rally Sunday afternoon. The story, however... Read more