Big Tent Archive: January, 2013

Members of Congress better off than most Americans, but die sooner

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The 113th Congress that took office the first week of January is more diverse than ever, but it's still older, whiter, more male, richer and... Read more

Corbett's very bad, no good day shows his vulnerability

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My Harrisburg colleague Angela Couloumbis helmed a story in today’s wood pulp editions of The Philadelphia Inquirer about Pa. Gov. Tom... Read more

Pa. voters disapprove of Gov. Corbett

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At midterm, Gov. Tom Corbett finds himself in the hole with Pennsylvania voters, who disapprove of the job he is doing 42 percent to 36 percent... Read more

Public lowers expectations for Obama second term

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President Obama begins his second term with low expectations, according to the latest public opinion survey from the NBC/Wall Street Journal... Read more

Rendell says idea of NYC mayor bid 'pure B.S.'

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Former Pennsylvania Gov. Ed Rendell (D) recently was approached by a key adviser to New York’s Mayor Michael Bloomberg, who tried... Read more

Poll: Congress less popular than colonoscopies, cockroaches

Everybody knows that most Americans hold Congress in contempt, with the institution’s approval ratings running below 20 percent –... Read more

Poll says Rendell would lead Corbett in a comeback bid

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Pennsylvania voters take such a dim view of Gov. Corbett’s job performance that they would prefer his predecessor, Democrat Ed Rendell... Read more

Congress gets less Protestant

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Congress is getting more religiously diverse, with 56 percent of members identifying themselves as Protestant, down from three-quarters of... Read more