Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Washington a Tough Hockey Town for Meehan

Rep. Patrick Meehan (R.,Pa.) finds even his hockey skills scrutinized in Washington.

Washington a Tough Hockey Town for Meehan


Look, it's not fashionable to take up for members of Congress. Everybody, it seems, hates Washington these days. And, if you go into politics, you are inviting a level of scrutiny into your life that most people couldn't - or wouldn't - take.

But, c'mon, people. Bashing a man for his skating skills in a charity hockey game? Rep. Patrick Meehan (R.,Pa.), a hockey star at Bowdoin College in the 1970s and a former NHL ref, played (left wing, heh heh) in the game that featured Lobbyists v. Lawmakers. At least one reporter wrote mockingly of his falling down after a fake by a woman lobbyist for the Pacific Gas & Electric Co.

Meehan, 57, said beforehand that his game was rusty; he hadn't skated as a player since college.

Maybe there's hope for bipartisanship after all. A teammate, Rep. Mike Quigley (D.,Ill.) spoke up Monday in Meehan's defense, with a few expletives for the writers of snarky news coverage.


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