Trump May Run for Prez as Independent

Donald Trump told the Wall Street Journal Monday that he “probably” would run as an independent if the Republican Party does not nominate him for president in 2012.

This guarantees that the real-estate tycoon and host of the NBC “reality” show, The Apprentice, will suck up inordinate amounts of cable TV oxygen as the rest of the potential GOP field tries to figure out in which direction victory lies.

“I think the Republicans are very concerned that I [may] run as an independent,” Trump said, in a video interview with the newspaper. He said he’d make a decision whether to run in June, after the show is over for the season, avoiding any legal complications about being a candidate while having his own TV platform.

Trump also told the newspaper that his putative candidacy is neither a joke nor a publicity stunt. “Our country is in trouble – our country is not being properly led,” he said.

Panis et circensus, baby.