Smith hits PA's Casey as 'senator zero'

Pennsylvania’s Republican U.S. Senate candidate Tom Smith launched a website Wednesday that portrays incumbent Democratic Sen. Bob Casey as ineffective, not to mention a tool of President Obama. Appropriately enough to the argument, the website is called

Smith’s main points: Casey sponsored 324 bills so far in the Senate, and zero of them have been enacted. He has voted with Obama 95 percent of the time.

The website features a video that is a mini silent film, with a jerky image of Casey that makes him look like a Keystone Cop - and a piano score.

Casey’s campaign responds that Smith is using a laughably simplistic metric for legislative effectiveness, ignoring the many contributions he has made.

"Tom Smith clearly doesn't know how the legislative process works,” Larry Smar, a Casey spokesman, said in a statement. “Due to compromise and negotiation, bills and amendments are added to other bills or a different version of the bill is the one that is signed into law.  Bob Casey has a record of working with Republicans and Democrats to find commonsense solutions to problems.  In the past year alone he passed a tax cut for middle-class families and legislation to help workers who lost their jobs due to unfair foreign trade.”

By contrast, Smar said, “Smith wants to go to Washington to push a rigid Tea Party agenda.” Smar said that Tea Party-oriented Republicans in the House have blocked some legislation that originated in the senate, including a Casey amendment to crack down on currency manipulation by China. 

“For more than five and half years, Bob Casey has done nothing to address a dismal economy and stagnant unemployment,” Smith said in a statement. “While Pennsylvanians have suffered, Senator Casey has failed to offer a single solution.”