Schwartz bid for guv could cost House Dems

Allyson Schwartz is riding high on success in fund-raising and poll results. (Matt Rourke / AP)

Rep. Allyson Schwartz’s increasing focus on a 2014 campaign for Pennsylvania governor could come into conflict with her role as fundraising chairman for House Democrats, leaving colleagues in the lurch as they prepare for the midterm elections.

Schwartz, of Jenkintown, was named to the post – one of four leadership positions in the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee – in December. So far, the committee’s efforts don’t appear to be lagging; it raised $6.1 million in January, Schwartz’s first full month on the fundraising job, compared to $4.4 million scooped up by the rival National Republican Congressional Committee.

What happens later if Schwartz decides to go through with a governor’s race? It would be hard to raise the kind of money needed to defeat Republican incumbent Gov. Tom Corbett and, at the same time make sure the Democrats have the funding to give them a shot at taking back the House, or at least cutting into the GOP majority in that body. Shane Goldmacher lays it all out here in a piece for the National Journal.

Stay tuned. The next sign that Schwartz is serious will be if she decides to resign the fundraising post. In the meantime, as Goldmacher points out, the DCCC day job helps with the national big-donor contacts that could only help a gubernatorial candidate in a big expensive state like Pennsylvania.