Schwartz: Kathleen who?

U.S. Rep. Allyson Schwartz called herself the “highest-ranking” elected woman in Pennsylvania in a recent interview with the Philadelphia Daily News.


While Schwartz would be the top woman if she were to win the Democratic primary and the general election for governor in 2014, she’s not number one right now. That high ground belongs to Attorney General Kathleen Kane, who was elected statewide last year with more than 3 million votes.

Kane was said to be mildly annoyed by the slip.

“I’m the highest-ranking woman elected official in Pennsylvania, so I take that responsibility seriously,” Schwartz was quoted as saying in the June 8 interview, with DN scribe Sean Collins Walsh.

Schwartz represents the 13th District, which includes parts of Montgomery and Philadelphia counties.

In context, Schwartz was talking about the importance of young women (and men) seeing strong female elected officials, as role models, to increase the number of women in politics. Perhaps she meant to say she was the highest-ranking woman in the Pennsylvania congressional delegation.

Of course, she’s the only woman at all in the delegation, which goes to the larger point.