Santorum warns of dangers of multiculturalism


Former Sen. Rick Santorum, Republican of Pennsylvania, has met the enemy and it is us - or, more precisely, modern "multicultural relativism." In that worldview, all cultures are sacrosanct and separatism is fine. Santorum argues that this thinking has undermined the sense of common purpose behind the ideal of America. More melting pot, less mosaic.

Politically, Santorum is carving out strategic territory in the 2012 Republican presidential contest. While others on the cultural right, Sarah Palin and Mike Huckabee, dither about whether to run, Santorum is making repeated trips to Iowa, South Carolina and New Hampshire - building networks and talking about abortion and other social issues that many in the GOP argue should be subordinated to economics. He could end up with a big chunk of the social-issues conservatives in the Republican coalition all to himself.