Romney attacks Obama in Pa., brushes off Bain pain

Republican Mitt Romney argued Tuesday in western Pennsylvania that the nation’s economic problems stem from President Obama’s ignorance of, and contempt for, how business works.

“He said this: ‘If you’ve got a business, you didn’t build that. Somebody else made that happen,’ ” Romney told about 1,000 at a gas drilling services company in North Huntingdon, Pa.  “That somebody else is government, in his view.”

Romney, the former Massachusetts governor, was referring to a remark Obama made that successful businesses owners did not build their enterprises alone, but had help from the government in many cases, via public investments in research, roads and other infrastructure such as the Internet.

The GOP nominee-to-be, though said that attitude means the president is “ashamed of success” and does not comprehend it. “I find it extraordinary that a philosophy of that nature would be spoken by a president of the United States,” Romney said.

Romney meanwhile, faced continued pressure from Democrats and from within his own party to release his income taxes – he has put out one year’s worth, 2010, and plans to release the 2011 returns when they are ready. But no more. Romney says he doesn’t want the Democrats to harass him by demanding more and more information and then using it for misleading attacks.

While in Westmoreland County, Romney said in an interview with the Pittsburgh Tribune Review’s Salena Zito that Obama’s personal attacks on his wealth and career at private equity firm Bain Capital were “sad” and based on “dishonesty.”

On Tuesday evening, Romney attended a fundraiser in a private home that aides said only was “in the Pittsburgh area” and then another gathering at the venerable Duquesne Club downtown, There, more than 300 people bought tickets at $2,500 for the general reception, $15,000 for a photo with Romney, and $50,000 for dinner

In remarks to the crowd, Romney noted that Ohio, Tennessee, Michigan, and Pennsylvania all have unemployment below the national average – for a reason.

“There’s a pattern here,” Romney said. “In states that have Republican governors that are conservative, that hold down taxes, (they’re) doing pretty well….Forget for a moment party label. Just look at the record of people who are leading right now. And look at the record of this president. Almost everything he has done has made it harder for job creators to create jobs.”