Romney announces $24 million campaign haul

Mitt Romney’s presidential campaign announced Wednesday that it will report having raised $24 million in the fourth quarter of 2011 and that it has $19 million cash on hand for the next phase of the Republican nomination battle in the South Carolina and Florida primaries.

“Mitt Romney’s growing financial support is representative of the growing momentum for our campaign,” said Spencer Zwick, the national finance chairman for RFP.

It’s no coincidence that the Romney folks made the announcement the day after his sweeping victory in the New Hampshire GOP primary, which exit polls show garnered him support from across the demographic and ideological spectrums. Now it’s time for Romney to bring the hammer down in hopes of putting away the nomination against less organized opponents. Conservatives and evangelical conservatives, however, are still seeking to unite around one of the candidates remaining who stands to Romney’s right.

About 300 members of Romney’s national fundraising network gathered for meetings in Boston Wednesday, and at least 150 of these money men and women gathered in Manchester, N.H. Tuesday night to celebrate the victory.

A campaign-finance watchdog group chided Romney for not releasing the names of his “bundlers,” the folks who gather up contribution from others. His campaign has not done so, though Presidents Obama and Bush have. “We demand that he provide the public with at least the most basic information about who he is relying on to fuel his campaign,” said David Donnelly, national director of the Public Campaign Action Fund.