Palin Sees Her Biopic in Iowa, Sparks Frenzy

One way or another, Sarah Palin's long presidential tease, abetted by a symboitic relationship with the lamestream media she claims to loathe, will end soon.

Either she will run, or she won't, or it will finally get too late for someone of even her star wattage to organize a campaign.

Palin dropped in on the Dutch town of Pella, Iowa Tuesday for the premier of "The Undefeated," a favorable biopic about her tenure as Alaska governor and her image martyrdom at the hands of media haters. It was pandemonium, as her visit came on the same day that President Obama was talking about manufacturing at an aluminimum plant in Bettendorf, two hours away - and one day after Rep. Michelle Bachmann of Minnesota kicked off her campaign in her hometown of Waterloo, Iowa.

Full tape at the bottom, but Palin told her employer, Fox News, that she is "still thinking" about whether to run, calling it a " decision." She also disclosed she texted her daughter Bristol, who had told interviewers her mom had made her decision, that "what happens on the fishing boat stays on the fishing boat."

Here's coverage of Palin's visit from Toby Harnden, US editor of the United Kingdom's Daily Telegraph newspaper, who caught up with Peter Singleton, a California lawyer who has spent the past eight months organizing Iowa for a Palin candidacy. Mr. Singleton has no doubt the Mama Grizzly is in.