PA Republican in House Tagged as Geography Dunce

Maybe freshman Rep. Tom Marino (R.,Pa.) should have spent some time with a Rand McNally World Atlas before he joined the House Foreign Affairs Committee?

Marino was quoted in the Times-Tribune of Scranton earlier in the week, raising questions about President Obama's policy in Libya. Congress was not consulted before air cover and missle strikes were provided to aid rebels, he said, and there is no clearly defined limit to such humanitarian missions in the future.

Rep. Tom Marino, Republican of the 10th District of Pennsylvania

"The bottom line is I wish the president would have told us, talked to Congress about what is the plan. Is there a plan? Is the mission to take Gadhafi out?" Mr. Marino asked, according to the news report. "Where does it stop?" he said. "Do we go into Africa next? I don't want to sound callous or cold, but this could go on indefinitely around the world."

Libya, of course, is in Africa. D'oh!

Marino, a lawyer who got his undergraduate degree magna cum laude at Lycoming College, may well have been referring to ground troops in Libya, as supporters say he has done in the past. We already have ground forces in the Middle East, and Africa would indeed be a separate incursion on a different continent.

No official word from Marino's office, but Big Tent will add it to the post as it becomes available.