Obama's Shock and Awe: $86M Raised in 2nd Q

President Obama raised a combined $86 million for his re-election and the Democratic National Committee during the second quarter of the year, campaign manager Jim Messina announced in a video message emailed to supporters ahead of Friday's filing deadline for financial reports.

That was more than two times the $35 million that the Republican presidential candidates have raised together.

The idea was a little shock and awe.

Messina told reporters in a conference call that the campaign had 550,000 individual donors during the quarter, and that more than 250,000 of them were first-timers. The results, he said, "should put to rest the notion that our base is not energized."

Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Preibus was not concerned. "There is going to be plenty of time for fundraising on our side," he told reporters. "I don't think anyone is going to lose an election in 2012 for lack of funds."

Of course it might help if the GOP had a clear frontrunner, but there is time - and both sides will get hundreds of millions of covering fire from the Super PACS, freed by the Supreme Court from many restrictions on political spending.