Obama attacks Repubs in Michigan as anti-autoworker

NORTHFIELD, Mich. -- President Obama’s re-election campaign has jumped in to the fratricidal battling ahead of the Michigan Republican primary, airing an ad that attacks the GOP candidates for opposing the government bailout that saved General Motors and Chrysler from bankruptcy.

“When a million jobs were on the line, every Republican turned their back, even said ‘Let Detroit go bankrupt,’” the narrator says in the 30-second spot. A freeze frame photo of Mitt Romney, who was born in Michigan and whose father was governor, appears with the headline of an op-ed Romney wrote in the New York Times that uses the word “bankrupt.”

Romney and his fellow candidates say that it’s not the government’s job to pick winners and losers. They argue that a private process of bankruptcy reorganization could have saved GM and Chrysler without taxpayer involvement.

Now, the auto industry is retooled and coming back strong, the spot argues, thanks to Obama, who shoved through the bailout. “Don’t bet against the American worker,” Obama says.

Romney is fighting former Sen. Rick Santorum for the lead in the Michigan primary, which will be held along with Arizona's on Tuesday. Texas Rep. Ron Paul also is running ads but has not campaigned here yet, and former House Speaker Newt Gingrich says he is going to skip both states and concentrate on Super Tuesday March 6.