Obama Again to Campaign vs. Politics

President Obama calling on a questioner during town-hall in Bucks County Wednesday. (White House Photo)

President Obama's stop at a wind-turbine plant in suburban Philadelphia Wednesday showed that he's returning to the 2008 theme of standing above politics itself in his re-election rhetoric - with a dash of Bob Shrum-style "fighting for you" thrown in.

Exhibit 1:

"When politicians tell you something’s going to be easy, they’re not telling you the truth.  If it was easy, somebody would have already done it and taken credit for it, and had a photo op.  Reducing our dependence on oil, doubling the clean energy we use, helping to grow our economy by securing our energy future -- that’s going to be a big challenge.  And it’s going to require effort.  It’s going to require ingenuity.  It’s going to require us coming together.  It’s going to require us getting past some of the petty politics that we play sometimes."

And then there was the Shrumian riff:

"I’m thinking about you guys every single day when I’m in the White House.  And I’m going to keep pushing, and I’m going to keep fighting for you. With all that’s going on in the world, with all the challenges we’re facing, that’s what I think about every single day when I wake up -- what matters to you.  I want to make sure everybody who wants a job can find one; everybody can pay their bills; everybody can raise their kids and give them a better life. "

So there you have it: Obama's case for re-election. Here is the full story I wrote about the president's visit in today's editions of The Philadelphia Inquirer.