Margolies comeback tour roundup

Triple M is now MM, but otherwise it’s back to the future in Pennsylvania’s 13th CD as Democrat Marjorie Margolies jumps into the race to for the U.S. House seat she lost 20 years ago after her decisive and fateful vote for President Bill Clinton’s economic program with tax increases.

The district has the same number it did back in the day, but it’s a vastly different place, as I explore briefly in today’s Philadelphia Inquirer story – thanks to ongoing partisan realignment in the Philadelphia suburbs, and related GOP gerrymandering.

She was Marjorie Margolies Mezvinsky back then, but has dropped the third M since divorcing her scandal-plagued former husband, who was a member of Congress from Iowa before the family wound up in Philadelphia. Their son, Marc Mezvinsky, is married to former first daughter Chelsea Clinton.

One fact left out for space: Margolies, whose residence is in Wynnewood, does not live in the 13th District at present. (Her congressman is Rep. Chaka Fattah.) This is not a legal problem; the Constitution requires only that members of the House of Representatives be 25 or older and a resident of the states they will represent. It can be a political problem, however, and candidates usually want to avoid “carpetbagger” attacks. Chris Brennan at the Daily News noted that Margolies is looking for a home over the line in the 13th.

Here is the take from Rachel Weiner at the Washington Post. Read all the way to the end (it’s a short story) for her awesome kicker quote from Margolies.