Margolies advertises historic vote in PA 13 race

On August 5, 1993 Marjorie Margolies made her historic tie-breaking vote to pass the Clinton budget in the House of Representatives. Voters tossed her out the next year, angry at the tax increases in the budget.

Now, in her comeback bid for the 13th District seat she held for a term, Margolies is using that vote as her trump card on the campaign trail. She hopes voters will see her as courageous and send her to a body (Congress) many see as lacking that quality these days.

On Monday, Marjorie2014 released a web video ad about The Vote. “I was not sent to Washington to back down from the tough issues then and I don’t intend to back down from them now,” Margolies said in a statement. In the video, she takes reflected credit for the economic boom years of the 1990s; many economists credit the Clinton fiscal package for laying the groundwork by beginning to control the accumulated deficit from the 1980s, among other things.

Margolies is running in the Democratic primary for Pa-13, a contest that is now nine months away. Also running: state Sen. Daylin Leach and physician/activist Valerie Arkoosh, both of Montgomery County; and state Rep. Brendan Boyle of Northeast Philadelphia.

The video can be viewed on her website,, or below: