Labor Leader Gillespie endorses McGinty for gov

Powerful Philadelphia building trades leader Pat Gillespie Thursday announced that he is supporting Katie McGinty in the 2014 Democratic primary for governor of Pennsyvlania.

"She knows how to create jobs for Pennsylvania’s men and women,” Gillespie said in a statement. "Katie is committed to rebuilding our middle class by supporting policies that will attract jobs that pay livable wages. Simply put, I support Katie McGinty for Governor because she’ll fight for working men and women and she is the strongest candidate to take on Governor Tom Corbett next fall.”

Gillespie has been business manager of the Philadelphia Building and Construction Trades Council since 1982, one of the best-known and respected labor leaders in the state. He was a union operating engineer, and later became a leader of Operating Engineers Local 542, before moving to the building-trades council.

The statement, released by McGintry's campaign, made it clear that she has earned the personal endorsement of GIllespie, not that of the building trades, but it's a positive sign.

“I am honored to have the personal support of a legendary labor leader like Pat Gillespie,” McGinty said. “We share the same commitment to creating jobs across Pennsylvania and his public support shows that our campaign continues to build momentum every day with the voters."

McGinty was environmental secretary in the Rendel administration, as well as director of the Council on Environmental Quality in the Clinton White House. Before that, McGinty, a native of Northeast Philadelphia, was an aide to Al Gore.