Kane's porous denial of interest in governor's race

It persists, this talk that Attorney General Kathleen Kane (D) is going to run for governor in 2014.

She could probably clear the congested field of the Democratic wannabes and then wipe the floor with Gov. Corbett (R), the thinking goes.

On Tuesday, Kane said she has no interest in running for governor during a brief back-and-forth with reporters in Pittsburgh.

“I love my job as attorney general. I think it’s the right time and the right place for me right now to represent the people of Pennsylvania,” Kane said, according to a report in the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review. She did allow that she has been getting “quite a bit of encouragement” to get into the gubernatorial race.

Don’t look for the speculation to go away entirely – Kane’s statement is kind of a non-denial denial, not the ironclad refusal attributed to Union Gen. William T. Sherman when suitors wanted him to run for president.