Iowa's Top Republican: Most of 2012 Field Unqualified


Sen. Chuck Grassley, Republican of Iowa, does not think so much of the 2012 GOP presidential candidates jostling each other at the starting line of his state's first-in-the-nation caucuses.

At most "only two or three of them are qualified to be president," Grassley told reporters Thursday, according to Radio Iowa.

Unfortunately the oft-cranky senator wouldn't say which candidates they are.

Each of those in the mix has strengths, to be sure, as well as well-chronicled weaknesses.

So, who's qualified in Grassley's mind? Former Mass. Governor Mitt Romney, with a health-care plan that was a model for the Obama administration? Rep. Michelle Bachmann, the tea party favorite of Minnesota, who bungles facts in every other speech? Donald Trump, reality TV star? Former Speaker Newt Gingrich? Sarah Palin? Mike Hucakbee? Former Sen. Rick Santorum? The pizza magnate guy, Herman Cain?

Naturally, the Iowa Democratic Party email-blasted the news and reminded us of the weaknesses.

But some thoughtful Republicans are getting concerned as time marches on, believing that President Obama is beatable but worried the party hasn't coalesced around a credible champion.