Did GOP Debate Fireworks Help Obama?

LAS VEGAS – Those nasty personal clashes between Texas Gov. Rick Perry and Mitt Romney may have made for good television in Tuesday night’s CNN debate, but the image was “horrific” for the Republican Party, according to uber-pollster/image-maker Frank Luntz.

    “I’m not going to kiss up to you – at this point, Barack Obama would be re-elected, because the Republican Party is divided” Luntz told GOP officials from western states meeting in a conference here at the Venetian resort hotel on Wednesday. “What happened last night was horrific…Do you really think you’re helping your cause by destroying somebody else?”

    Though voters have soured on Obama, they’re not particularly high on the Republicans who control the U.S. House either, Luntz said. In general, voters are looking for solutions and have even less patience than usual for political bickering, he said.

     Perry and Romney fought, in often personal terms, over immigration and health care during the two-hour debate, held in conjunction with the Western Republican Leadership Conference.