DNC targets Mitt with TV ads in Pitt and other battlegrounds

While Newt Gingrich is the Republican "it" candidate of the moment, the Democratic National Committee is keeping its sights trained on the man they expect will face President Obama in the general election: Mitt Romey.

To that end, the DNC is launching a 30-second TV spot in Pittsburgh and five other markets Monday, focussing on Romney's "fight against himself" with conflicting positions on a variety of issues, party officials said. The spot, which is actually a kind of "coming attractions" trailer for a four-minute takedown of Romney flip flops in a web video, will run on a mix of broadcast and cable outlets.

"The bottom line here is that character and values matter," said DNC spokesman Mike Czin. "When he ran for President last time, Mitt Romney admitted he'd changed his position on a lot of issues.  This time, he claims he's Mr. Consistency.  Mitt Romney can't even take a position on taking a position.  Republicans' favorite straw man is to talk about 'uncertainty' as a threat to growth.  If people are scared of uncertainty, they should be terrified of Mitt Romney."

The other markets: Albuquerque, N.M.; Raleigh, N.C.; Columbus; Milwaukee and Washington (which will reach noveau swing state Virginia).

Embedded below is the TV ad. Here is the link to the longer "movie".