Congress Still Searing Obama on Libya

An F-16 takes off from a U.S. Navy air base in Sicily to patrol Libyan skies


Back from a Latin American trip that appeared to have diplomatic and commercial successes, President Obama finds himself on the hot seat, facing demands that he better explain the mission in Libya to Congress and U.S. voters.

Speaker John Boehner (R.,Ohio) sent a pointed letter to Obama with seven detailed questions about the operation, such as how much it might cost, whether there are clear lines of command authority int he international coalition, and what kind of engagement will there be with Libyan rebels on the ground.

"I respect your authority as commander in chief and support our troops....but I and many other members of the House of Representatives are troubled" that the mission has not been adequately defined. A PDF of Boehner's full letter can be found here.

And here's another big-picture question: What do we do if Qaddafi hangs on to power in some former, bifurcating the country?