Booker contradicts Obama campaign on retraction

Now comes the Republican National Committee with an embarrassing video that shows the Obama campaign and Newark Mayor Cory Booker contradicting each other on the question of whether he was coached by the campaign before walking back his criticism of the attacks on Bain Capital.

 Obama campaign spokesman Ben LaBolt said Monday in a television interview that there was no contact, and Booker released his clarifying video “of his own volition” on Sunday night. Yet Booker said in an interview on MSNBC Monday night that he had talked with campaign officials before releasing his video.

“If the Obama campaign spent as much time working with job creators instead of demonizing them and their defenders, our economy would be in much better shape,” RNC Chairman Reince Priebus said in a statement. “It's sad to see the candidate of 'Hope and Change' descend into the president of dishonest attacks and dishonest cover-ups."