Being America Means Never Having to Say You're Sorry

   Listen to enough Republicans speaking to the nation's largest gathering of conservative activists and you will soon grow tired of hearing the term "American exceptionalism." As in, we're unique. We're the greatest. (It's true, in important ways, but that's not the point.)

   Most of the potential presidential candidates trooping before the Conservative Political Action Conference to test their messages seem to have also mind-melded around the notion that President Obama is a bowing, scraping, apologizing blame-America-first chief executive.

    "Mr. President, stop apologizing for our country," former Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty (R) said Friday. He characterized the administration's foreign policy as meek in the face of challenges from Iran, North Korea, Russia and Islamists.

    "With bullies, might makes right," Pawlenty said. "Strength makes them submit."

    Earlier, fomer Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney (R) went there too, though in his remarks he did not directly accuse Obama of apologizing to foreign weenies. "I will not and I will never apologize for America!" Romney thundered. The line got a huge cheer.

    He also is hawking a new book titled....No Apology. So at least Romney's not a latecomer to the idea.

    Even the normally low-key Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R.,Ky.) got into the act. "We conservatives believe the constitution means what it says and there is no reason ever to apologize for America," McConnell said Thursday.

   So is this the same Obama who, in his State of the Union Jan. 25, said, "I know there isn't a person here who would trade places with any other nation on earth"?