Bachmann's Difference? 'I'm shorter'

Rep. Michele Bachmann sporting some 70s-style Loretta Lynn big hair at Republican Leadership Conference in New Orleans.

NEW ORLEANS - Minnesota Rep. Michele Bachmann may be a Johnny Cash fan, but she was sporting some big 'ol Loretta Lynn hair Friday at the Republican Leadership Conference of conservative activists.

Bachmann, the latest entrant in the GOP presidential race, rocked the house of nearly 2,000 with a fiery attack on President Obama - accusing him of a secret plan to let Medicare go broke so senior citizens have to rely on "Obamacare," among other things - and a little self deprecating humor.

She said she loved Johnny Cash, though she was forced to choose Elvis when CNN anchor John King conducted his either/or lightning round of questions in last Monday's presidential debate.

She confessed to nervousness. "I didn't know if they were going to ask boxers or briefs? - a girl never knows."

After the speech, she held a seven-minute news conference, showing up fashionably late. NBC political reporter Domenico Montanaro asked Bachmann why she would be a better GOP nominee than Mitt Romney, the apparent front-runner.

"Well I think it's obvious," she said, "because I'm shorter."

She said she would "do a very good job" as president but would not criticize Romney nor any of her other rivals.

She also said that intelligent design should be taught alongside the theory of evolution in schools, though it was a state matter and not a federal issue. "Let the kids decide," Bachmann said.