AFL-CIO takes on Trump in Pa, other swing states

The AFL-CIO is gearing up to take on Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump in Pennsylvania and several other fall battleground states.

In Pennsylvania, the union umbrella organization plans to distribute four different anti-Trump fliers to its 900,000 members at worksites and local unions around the state. They highlight various aspects of Trump’s record that AFL-CIO says harm workers, such as his companies’ outsourcing, his support for restrictions on public unions, and expressed opposition to laws ensuring equal pay for women.

The union also is mounting these voter-education measures in Ohio, Nevada and Florida, officials said, and will deploy targeted digital ads attacking the real-estate investor and former reality TV star.

“This is our first effort of the ground game against Trump,” said Rachel Rekowski, AFL-CIO communications coordinator for the Northeast region. Support from working-class voters has, in large measure, fueled Trump’s rise, and organized labor does not want that appeal to go unchallenged.