Attytood Archive: July, 2012

The impeachment of Pa. Constitution-shredding Tom Corbett

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There are some things about the Tea Party that I get -- disagree with, vehemently, but get -- but one thing I never did understand was their... Read more

This global warming thing is costing us money, big time...right now!

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It seems you can't open the paper these days (just kidding..does anyone really "open the paper" anymore?) without seeing some story about... Read more

And you thought Obama and Romney had bad poll numbers!

This could cripple any future change of elected office: Finally, 94% of Pennsylvanians have a negative view of Jerry Sandusky to 2% with... Read more

If Tom Corbett doesn't know what kind of ID you need to vote, how will you?

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He's becoming a national joke. Read more

The Philadelphia 7-to-6ers

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It's been one of those nights -- trying to post a happy post with a big happy picture of happy Phillies celebrating their third straight improbable... Read more

Tales from the job-zombie apocalypse

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The recession ended three years ago. Right. Tell that to Marquise Kittrell: MARQUISE Kittrell, who lives in Southwest Philadelphia and just... Read more

Summer vacate-ion

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They can vacate stuff back to 1998? Really? Can they vacate the Bush administration? Meanwhile, I'm on a short staycation -- see you Wednesday... Read more

When "thoughts and prayers" simply aren't enough

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I know it may sound trivial, but as I watched some of the early coverage of the Aurora shooting yesterday, I thought about an episode I'd... Read more