Attytood Archive: September, 2009

McRib -- not loving it

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Well, the good news is that all the Chicken Littles, and you all you know who I'm talking about (wait...I'm talking about myself) were wrong... Read more

A day without politics

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The man behind tomorrow's day of national service makes an impassioned plea for Americans to take one day off from politics: Lest we all... Read more

College president honors "diversity" by naming center for Dick Cheney

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One of the biggest pet peeves on the right is the way that America's universities worship such "socialist" principles as "diversity"... Read more

"Cash for clunker careers"? Good luck with that!

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Time magazine's cover story this week is on the biggest crisis that America now faces. And it's not healthcare -- badly screwed up though... Read more

No blood in ants

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I wonder which will be resolved first, healthcare reform or the Philadelphia newspaper situation? Maybe we need a town hall-style meeting. Read more

Jeepers, Mr. Wilson!

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If some verson of healthcare passes Congress, President Obama can says thanks to Rep. Joe Wilson of South Carolinia, the dimmest bulb in all... Read more

UPDATED: Obama is who we thought he was

He's a stark raving centrist compromiser -- as these advance excerpts from tonight's not-pushing-the-public-option speech clearly show. Same... Read more

Is your not-so-liberal "liberal media" less liberal in the Obama era?

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The big picture is a little murky, but Editor and Publisher says there's some anecdotal evidence of a growing surge of interest, at least... Read more