Attytood Archive: July, 2013

Why philanthropy can't save Philly

To paraphrase F. Scott Fitzgerald and Ernest Hemingway at the same time, philanthropists are very different from you and me. They have more... Read more

Seriously, Pennsylvania? This is the "progressive" candidate for governor?

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Having observed liberals in action for more than four decades, I can tell you that one of the worst things they do is rally in desperation... Read more

Upstate Pa. police chief outed as possible Attytood commenter

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This sounds familiar -- didn't I see this in the comments section, somewhere? “I’m calling on all true Americans , all militia... Read more

2 ways Obama could help fix the economy -- today!

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President Obama on the economy: Pretty words, not matching what he actually does. As annoying or outright bad our 44th president has been... Read more

The royal Seinfeld baby

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George (Costanza) (Jason) Alexander (Julia) Louis (Dreyfus)? Seriously? At least now we know what Will and Kate have been doing for... Read more

Detroit: On fire then, on fire now

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This happened exactly 46 years ago today. In the pre-dawn hours on a Sunday morning -- July 23, 1967 -- Detroit police raided what the locals... Read more

"Carlos Danger could have been me, 35 years ago"

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Good grief. Read more

Is a human life worth as much as this car?

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You would think. But if a visitor from outer space might conclude the opposite after seeing how much coverage the murder of eight Philadelphians... Read more