Attytood Archive: January, 2010

UPDATED: Photo of Beau Biden announcing he won't seek U.S. Senate seat

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Courage. UPDATE: Longtime Attytood reader SM, an expert on Delaware politics, weighs in with something of a defense of Biden Jr.: But here's... Read more

How to drive Tim Geithner crazy

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There really is one thing that liberals and conservatives agree on: Tim Geithner is a total loser. Today, Geithner said he wants you to keep... Read more

Fuzzy math: When 37 is greater than 63 -- today's open thread

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His name is James Fallows, and these are "the brakes": Let's round the figures to 63/37 and apply them to the health care debate... Read more

UPDATED: I enjoyed watching the Jets upset the Colts this weekend...

Comment icon 0 Comments Super Bowl III, which was re-broadcast in living color last night on the NFL Network, the oldest existing videotape of a Super Bowl... Read more

Give Ellie Light, and the people will lose their way

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Well, good gosh, this is embarrassing, isn't it? I see this week's picking up right where last week left off! Read more

Tea Party test

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There is so much that could be said about today's travesty of a mockery of a travesty of a sham Supreme Court decision that puts the exclamation... Read more

Breaking news: New President Scott Brown bans Air America Radio!

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The hits just keep on coming for America's liberals! Via email: From: Charlie Kireker Date: January 21, 2010 4:36:59 PM EST To: All Subject:... Read more

This man saved the Internet in Haiti -- help him and his family

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There are so many human tragedies in earthquake-ravaged Haiti that it can be overwhelming; a couple of bloggers -- including one from here... Read more