Attytood Archive: January, 2009

Re-invent the American newspaper in 55 days or...

Comment icon 0 Comments're fired. And you think you're job is high-pressure! Ironically, away from Seattle, people are doing that that. Increasingly newspapers... Read more

Sgt. Obama's Lonely Hearts Club Band

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Where's the walrus and Paul McCartney in his burial suit? Seriously, can you identify the attendees -- and how many of them have been on... Read more

Can Obama split the right-wing in two?

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The story that's getting a lot of play today is Barack Obama's separate meetings with a group of conservative columnists over a (sacrificial?)... Read more

Federal bailout for newspapers?

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Not a very good idea. More on this in the near future. Read more

Tin-foil hat time

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I wonder if this is Osama bin Laden's "farewell address," too. We may not see him around as much after next Thursday. Also, I... Read more

Worse than Watergate: Bob Woodward's torture scoop

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John Dean, the Watergate scandal figure who's enjoyed a second act as a civil libertarian, wrote a book a couple of years ago about the myriad... Read more

Palin, pregnancy, and the press: The real story

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Eric Boehlert has it. Read more

Guess the biggest Beltway scandal

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Can you guess which one of these Beltway scandals is the one that got the full blown "Breaking News" treatment from CNN, with that... Read more