Maybe one reason we haven't heard as much from Occupy Wall Street lately is because they achieved too much too fast:

Is Occupy Wall Street petering out? Or, more provocatively, has the protest movement already won a big battle and is now watching that victory unfold?

On a practical level, the Occupy movement would seem to be on the run or even in disarray. On Saturday, participants in the Occupy D.C. encampment were pushed out and the physical presence of the protests has diminished throughout the winter.

But even as they were pushed out of McPherson Park in Washington, the protesters can claim that their message — amplified by abundant media coverage — has tilted the rink. Aided by the target-rich visual environment of encampments, which proved to be irresistible to reporters and photographers, the protest rendered what had been a political argument into a physical declaration. A protest that used social media to agitate and organize soon entered the bloodstream of established media, and its rhetorical tools have now become part of standard political discourse.

Clearly there's much more work to be done, but the bottom line is that Occupy movement seemed to explode out of nowhere in the fall is that nobody was talking about the real issues, including income inequality and fundamental fairness. Now people are talking about it. That's called #winning. Duh.