Your world, delivered

A quick tour of your world on June 25, 2008:

A financial "tsunami" of global inflation is about to be unleashed.

OPEC concedes oil prices are not going to come down.

Over in that war in Iraq that -- trust us -- has nothing, well almost nothing, to do with oil, American casualties have increased this month. This morning, three American solidiers and their interpreter were killed in a bombing.

If you own a home, any gains in value the last four years were just wiped out.

America's gas-guzzling exurbs may become burned out ghost towns some day in the our not too distant future.

In spite of all this (or maybe because of it), the rich are getting richer.

Your money from the gas pump that isn't going directly to millionaires and billionaires is building this gaudy structure in Dubai.

Oh, and there's some more bad news on the horizon. Stay tuned.