'Your radiation gown lies in rags at your feet...'


As noted in the comments section earlier today, Your Blogger is one Dirty (expletive deleted) Hippie who totally supports a revival of nuclear power in America, with President Obama announcing some baby steps in that direction earlier today. In 2010, the case for nuclear power is obvious: 1) The threat from greenhouse gases to our planet is real, and safe nuclear plants are a solution and 2) Unlike, say, the coal industry, where Americans die in order to produce energy every year, there have been operating nuclear plants for decades in the country with no fatalities from radiation.

But it wasn't always a slam-dunk issue. It's not surprising that in 1979 there were a lot of Americans who opposed nuclear power, considering that the near-meltdown at Three Mile Island took place that year. Also, what to do with spent nuclear fuel remains a problem, although today the issues are as much political as they are technological. So it's a little silly, in my opinion, for Matt Drudge to come out and make fun of all the artists who played at a "No Nukes" concert 31 years ago. Times change -- global warming wasn't even on the radar screen then. The only thing we can say with any certainty today about a "No Nukes" concert is...that it produced some great music. Here's the best video online from that show: a Young Elvis-ish Bruce doing "Thunder Road." Enjoy it -- regardless of your political persuasion: