Your Democratic Party -- spending hundreds of thousands of dollars to tear down its own alleged positions

The Democratic Party is a bigger tent than the GOP these days, and there's nothing wrong with that: Supporting a progressive policy position like the public option in health care shouldn't be a litmus test for its elected officials. Still, the public option is also a policy that's widely supported by the party, by its activists and by a majority of House members and, perhaps, by a 50-plus vote majority of senators, although thanks to the filibuster we'll never know. That's why it seems a little nuts for the Democratic Senate Campaign Committee to spend $460,000 for an ad in which Nebraska Sen.Ben Nelson trashes the public option. Would the GOP spend that much for a moderate -- when they still existed -- to support cap-and-trade?....hard to imagine. So we've got one political party that's a circular firing squad, while the other produces these kind of half-baked  ideas to solve America's problems.

Actually, Punxatawney Phil could do a better job running things, after all.