You call this 'grassroots'?


This shows up in my email box this afternoon:

With one week until elections, grassroots activists around Pennsylvania are ramping up their efforts to educate fellow citizens on the need take our government back for the people. Americans for Prosperity is helping by staging a Phone-A-Thon tonight starting at 6:00 pm, with five call centers located around the state.

In other words, when they say they're taking government back for "the people," we are talking specifically about THESE PEOPLE....

...the Koch brothers, billionaire funders of Americans for Prosperity, who intend to "educate fellow citizens" that they need to focus their anger at big government specificially on raising taxes on the wealthist Americans and on the "death tax" that now only affects millionaires like the Koch brothers and their friends at the country club, because that is the greatest "threat to our freedoms," no matter that the Koch-fired policies will add billions to those deficits that the children and grandchildren of the Tea Partiers will be paying down.

No, the existence of the Tea Party Movement is not "Astroturf" -- these are angry voters who are indeed riled up, with a massive assist from the misinformation machine known as the Fox News Channel. What is "Astroturf" -- and the worst kind -- is the way that this grassroots anger then gets misdirected to do the bidding of the people who've actually been creating the root source of that anger by destroying jobs and crushing the middle class in this country.

But hey, if you want to volunteer your time to help the Kochs stuff a few extra dollars in their investment portfolios, you can show up at something called Tea Party Headquarters (!) at Pavio's Plaza on Bustleton Avenue tonight at 6, where the fair-and-balanced Big Talker-1210 will apparently be broadcasting. Sounds like it's going to be the greatest show on turf.