Worst political move of the day?

OK, today we've had a) yet another power malfunction in Attyood's undisclosed location all afternoon and b) another daily story for the Daily News (which Attytood readers will find interesting and I'll post later when I can). So here's a discusssion idea: Which political move was dumber?

A) Barack Obama, whose shown an amazing capacity to raise campaign cash from average Americans, waving a red flag in front of the culture-war bulls with a Hollywood fundraiser, with Babs Streisand no less.

B) Carly Fiorina admitting that Sarah Palin couldn't be a CEO of a major company, then backpedaling and saying that none of the four majors could. Besides the obvious foot-in-mouth factor, did anyone ask Fiorina if SHE could serve as CEO of a large corporation...successfully.

Meanwhile, the ever-popular Palin? Not really that popular.