Win a signed copy of Rachel Maddow's 'Drift' -- when I come back from vacation

Hey, everybody, Rachel Maddow wrote a book!

Using intelligence agencies and private contractors has also increasingly disconnected the American public from the consequences of war, says Maddow.

"I don't think anybody set out to make us so divorced from the wars that we wage," she says. "But all of these little tweaks — all of these little changes that we made — had the effect of letting a president wage war without political restraint and letting us wage war in a way where we didn't necessarily notice or know the names of all of those who were deployed in our name. Because a lot of them were working for companies that didn't have any obligation to report to us when their people were killed. We ended up doing stuff in a way that insulated the American public from what our military was doing to the point where we don't feel much friction when Americans go downrange."

I'm looking foreward to reading this -- hopefully while I'm on vacation the next week. And you can win your own copy, signed by Rachel Maddow herself! Here's how: I'm looking for the best comment on what do to do about the mess in Afghanistan. (And it doesn't have to be liberal, either.) The winner will be judged by me -- and you'll get the book. See you when I get back. On Easter Sunday.