'Willful ignorance'

Many of you saw this on Philly.com already, but the Inquirer's Dick Polman jumped on the "willful ignorance" bandwagon:

For instance, here's Dorita, opining about Obama: "I'm a little concerned. I don't know enough about his Muslim background and their beliefs and how he views everything. I'm a little concerned. I need to check his background."

You do that, Dorita.

Here's Josh on Obama: "He's representing a minority in more than one case. He is African American and he is Muslim. And in light of that...it does feel like we're being judged or pounded down on because we want to carry a gun or we want to wear the American flag pin."

Here's Melinda, clearly the GOP's dream voter: "I just really feel like he's...not a people pleaser as in the Americans, but the other people who don't necessarily need to be pleased, the other, the enemies if you will, I don't know. I'm just not real positive on that."

So add Dick Polman to the list of wine-sipping elitists who just doesn't get real Americans.

Seriously, I do think the comments from these, um, people (I'd hate to give Christine more fodder for another column) are even more irksome to journalists, because we see informing the electorate as our role in American democracy, and God knows people like Dick Polman, at least ,work very hard at what they do -- only to see voters instead believe what their second-cousin-in-law sent them in some email.