Will we be tearing down the Obama myth?

Buzzfeed Ben Smith said today that like it or not, Obama is the new Reagan:

But you can also feel the way the country's imagination is turning, and see Republican pragmatists begin to reposition themselves around it. Matthew Continetti, a talented conservative reporter-turned-polemicist, didn't hide his distaste about echoing Sullivan in the Free Beacon last week.

"We ought to face the unpleasant fact that Obama will be remembered as a president of achievement and consequence," he wrote. "It does not matter if, like I do, you think those achievements are horrible and that their consequences will be worse. Obama's reversal of the Reagan revolution is here."

Continetti urged Republicans to reconcile themselves to this reality:

"The generation of conservatives and Republicans who return one day to power will be forced to reckon with the consequences of the Obama revolution, just as a generation of defeated liberals were forced to confront and in some cases accept the revolution of Ronald Reagan.

Discuss this while I write a fair-and-balanced piece for tomorrow's Daily News on Obama's in-your-face-conservative-losers inuaguration speech.